Cody Christian was born and raised in Powhatan, Virginia on a healthy diet of Jesus music and hot pockets. He started playing guitar in his teen years at his local church and quickly transitioned to playing in a traveling worship band while still in high school.

At the age of 20, he moved to Newport News, Virginia to be a ship fitting apprentice. Soon after beginning that career he started up the band, “Every King & Commoner” where he played lead guitar and sang lead vocals. Since the band’s inception, they have gained a loyal following in the Hampton Roads region. They earned some notable achievements such as the Veer Music Award for Song of The Year in 2018, and Battle of The Bands at the historic marquee venue that was Shakas Live.

With the Covid-19 pandemic putting a halt to all live music ventures, Cody settled in with his unhindered thoughts and guitars and began writing songs. Since then he has put out 2 solo EP’s, quit his job, and played countless shows along the east coast and beyond.

Cody Christian is an almost full-time music-singing man since his abrupt and seemingly foolish departure from his 8-year career as a shipbuilder. He generates enough audio streams to buy two Taco Bell combos monthly. His quest to make noise in front of the masses by any means necessary is currently underway.

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